People management is a big part of supervisor’s job and it requires different roles but in all cases, the role is about supporting the success of the worker on the job.

This is a practical course that is going to have a look at the need for sound understanding of effective human resource management practices. Which can then put them into practice by gaining an understanding of the legislative and company policy requirements that guide the actions taken by Supervisors.

Learning Outcomes:

•Understand relevant sections of the Employment Standards Act
•Identify specific actions for correcting performance issues
•Understand the Supervisor’s role and responsibilities in disciplinary action
• Apply proper steps in conducting a disciplinary discussion

Duration: 1 hour


  • You must obtain 80% on the final assessment to receive your completion certificate.


  • Courses can be accessed on laptops, desktops, mobile devices using all browsers and Brightspace Pulse App (available in App Store and Google Play).

Cost: Free

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