Everything you need to pass a forklift certification, all in one place. Train to properly operate a forklift in a warehouse environment!

Learn to drive a forklift in VR. Prepare yourself for a forklift certification exam. Our simulator will help prepare you for your forklift certification. The Forklift Simulator training includes the following exercises:

  • Checklists: Perform pre-operational and operational forklift inspections
  • Operate: Practice driving forward and in reverse. Learn how to accurately turn and position the vehicle
  • Loading: Train to properly lift and move materials around a warehouse environment
  • Unloading: Learn best practices for lowering and dropping off packages safely
  • Explore: Review a 3D model of a forklift and learn about each component in detail
  • Quiz: Take a quiz and put your forklift knowledge to the test

For more information on our VR courses please email [email protected].